Berlin Carnival 2015 – Day 3

By day 3, the rum had caught up with us a bit so we knew we would take it easy that day. The daytime event for the Saturday is the Soca BBQ, which, as the name suggests, is held in an outdoor area and it has soca and BBQ food. It’s also where you can pick up your costume for the actual carnival, and this year they had a pop-up tattoo studio as well!

One of my favourite soca songs has the lyrics “A little wine never hurt nobody… so take a wine”. (A wine/whine is a sexual dance between a boy and a girl). I decided it would be funny for us to have matching tshirts, kind of like what big groups of boys do when they go on holidays to party destinations like Ibiza, Magaluf, Malia etc. Anyway I didn’t give my friends much choice in the matter, so we all ended up with one of these tshirts that I made on the internet:



I was very happy with my tshirt and much to my friends’ embarrassment, was going around pointing it out to everyone we spoke to. In the soca scene, a lot of people know each other, so we bumped into a lot of people we see at London events:


We didn’t have that much energy so didn’t stay all day and we wanted to be well rested for the carnival the next day to look as good as possible in our costumes!

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