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I’m Zoe, a 26 year old English girl with the aim of visiting as many countries as possible and experiencing them in the most ‘local’ way possible. This is important to me because I want to learn about how those countries actually work, talk to as many local people as possible, and make sure my money goes to local people rather than big (often international) companies.

I’m sharing my stories with the intention of showing people that it’s possible to travel to most places on a low budget, to give people some ideas of things they could do in different countries (and how to go to places using public transport etc.), and to give people an insight into other cultures through my experiences.

I am always happy to try and answer any questions about the places I’ve been (or even places my friends have been etc.) the best I can, and I’m also interested in collaborating with other travel bloggers etc. Feel free to contact me using my email or Instagram as shown below.

Instagram – @zoe_93

Email – travelwithzoe@yahoo.com

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWvmoft2HaWcuZFPKCtcGg?view_as=subscriber


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  1. Hello! I’m planning on travelling to Bocas del toro to do some voluntary work at a primary school on isla solarte, with “Spanish by the sea” – and I came across your blog! I’m travelling solo, and wanted some tips on meeting people whilst there/ how you found you’re experience. I will only be there for a month 🙂

    1. Oh so you’re doing the exact same thing that I did! You should bring some English books (really really simple ones with lots of pictures) for the kids in the school if you can find any in charity shops etc. I did that and they loved them. You’ll meet loads of people in the hostel, mostly European and American people. If you want to meet local people it’s easy to meet local guys because they’ll talk to you (don’t be scared of them but don’t trust them that much, like don’t be on your own in the night with them) and maybe you’ll meet some girls through them. Make sure you visit the other islands (Bastimentos and Carenero) and if you feel like doing more volunteering, go to the old people’s home and say hi to all the grannies and grandads 🙂 Bocas is really fun and in my opinion it’s quite safe. Make sure you go to the parties at Barco Hundido as well as La Iguana. Most people from the hostel will go to Iguana because it’s more for tourists but to see something Panamanian you need to go to Barco so try and persuade someone to go with you. Have fun!!

  2. Hi Zoe,

    After randomly finding your blog while on google researching for a new design project ~ I’m doing the artwork for a brand new ‘clean’ dancehall mixtape, I thought that I would send you a short comment to give you some positive feedback on your work!

    I was trying to find family friendly dancehall photos and wot not, to inspire me that all is not lost in the battle against slackness and stumbled across your photos from this years Notting Hill Carnival. Check out your hair ~ it’s kind of cool! Anyway, keeping it short, I did take the time to read some of the stuff that you have written, all in English? No French or Spanish? Not being critical, just surprised, since you mentioned study and wot not.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and keep sharing your cool photos!

    1. Hey, good luck with your project and thanks for the feedback. Hmm it hađ never occurred to me to write in another language. I think I’d find it hard to do because even though I speak French and Spanish, I don’t think I’d be able to convey things like humour and sarcasm if I wrote articles that weren’t in English

  3. Hi again,

    Because (bad english!) I had to log into my wordpress account, I’ve still got your page open in Google Chrome. Why didn’t it ever occur to you to write in French or Spanish? Isn’t that what your studying at Uni?

    If you want, you could email me instead of posting comments. Personally, I’d prefer to laugh out loud at replies on your website, but that might not be too sensible!

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