Berlin Carnival 2015 – Day 4

Sunday at Berlin Carnival is the main event.. the actual carnival (Karneval de Kulturen as it’s called in German). There’s nothing better than waking up on Carnival morning, putting on your amazing costume and carefully putting glittery makeup and gems around your eyes whilst listening to soca and getting excited for being on the road. I think it’s my version of when little kids wake up on Christmas morning:


We all helped each other with tying the different parts of our costumes on, putting on fake eyelashes etc, then of course we took some essential selfies before bravely stepping out onto the streets of Berlin wearing only a bikini and feathers.

We took a quick pitstop at the kebab shop, much to the surprise of the local people…


We got even more stares on the busy tube but we didn’t care and were happy to take photos with people who wanted them.

The Carnival Fever truck (the one from London) is always at the back of the procession, so once we got off the tube we had to walk all the way back past all the other floats whilst weaving in and out of the crowds, so it took a while. When we got to the back, our truck wasn’t even there yet, but there were some other masqueraders waiting so we just made friends with them and took photos etc.


As always, I just drank water (about 2 litres of it) because alcohol isn’t necessary when the vibes are so good. People got up to their usual antics of climbing up things you’re not meant to climb up:


It was great to see the German girls who basically adopted me the year before when I was there by myself:


One of them is actually going to come and stay with me for Notting Hill Carnival this August. I’m really happy to have met them.

As usual it was just 100% positivity and fun for everyone, and we stayed right until the end when the truck turned its music off. Of course I got my dinner from the kebab shop before heading back to the hostel to pack my stuff for a 7am flight the next day.

Berlin Carnival was an amazing four days and I was heartbroken about being home for about a week after. I probably won’t be there next year because I’ll be travelling in the Caribbean, but if you like carnivals, don’t hesitate, book your room near Alexanderplatz and check out Carnival Fever on Facebook and other social networks to find out the info for the parties etc.

1 thought on “Berlin Carnival 2015 – Day 4

  1. Nice pics….a lot of beautiful all dressed in sexy costume is a good site to behold…hope to be there next year

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