Berlin Carnival 2015 – Day 2

Friday at Berlin Carnival means one thing… SOCA ON THE BEACH! This is one of the most popular events and it’s held at a fake beach next to a river. Everyone comes in their swimming stuff because there’s actually a swimming pool in the river with deck chairs next to it.

It goes on from about 2pm until it gets dark, and people were dancing the whole time. Jade brought a water pistol and was even ready to attack people in her sleep:


This is the view from the upstairs bar. It got busier later…


It wasn’t as warm as the previous year but we still braved it and got in the pool:


We stayed until near the end and then got some dinner in the hostel. The main Carnival event for that night was ‘Fire Fete’ (a party where everyone has to wear red) but me and Faiza decided to go to a local event in a club called Yaam which puts on party nights for all different types of music like African, Caribbean, Latin American etc.

If I had more time I would have loved to go there in the day time too because they have street food stalls from all over the world throughout the day. The night we went to was called Caribbean Invasion. It had a dancehall room (dancehall is from Jamaica) and a soca room (soca is from the rest of the West Indies basically) and there was a live performance in each room. It was enormous but it was packed out, mainly with German people. It was cool to experience how they party and it was great to see how much they love Caribbean culture.

We had an amazing time and the tram/train (can’t remember) was still running at about 4am when we went home! Another good thing was that the trusty kebab shop was still open so I managed to get some falafel on the way home.

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