La Lune Beach, Moruga

The village I’m living in in Trinidad is called La Lune, and it has one beach which stretches across quite a long way, so there are various ways you can walk down onto it (mainly cutting through between two houses).

It’s surrounded by palm trees and for some reason there aren’t normally many people on it, so in that sense it looks like something from a holiday brochure, BUT the sea is far from turquoise:



Apparently the sea is brown because it’s rainy season so the rain kind of washes the dirt/mud down from the hills into the sea. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but most people have said that it’ll be a bit better when there’s less rain.

There are some houses right next to the beach, and most families here have a lot of children, so they sometimes come out to talk to you or just watch you when you’re there. Last time I was there, I made friends with a 12 year old girl who asked if she could play with my hair (obviously I said yes)… but then she went on to ask if she could cut it off and keep it!

Anyway, personally I haven’t thrown my whole self into the sea because I’m not sure about the water. I’ve heard stories of people getting rashes from it, but other people say it’s fine, so I just stand there up to waist height. It’s nice to just walk up and down the sand anyway.

Apparently if you want to see typical Caribbean beaches, it’s best to go to Tobago.


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