Day 4 in Sal, Cape Verde

The sunburn was still quite bad on day 4 so I stayed in until about 4pm and then my mum showed me round the market that she’d discovered earlier. It’s called something like ‘Mercado Municipial’ and it’s an indoor market, mainly selling fruit and vegetables but also with a couple of clothes and souvenir shops. The choice here was a bit better than in the supermarkets:

IMG_0436 IMG_0437

For dinner we went to a restaurant near the pier called Restaurante D’Angela which had things like seafood and pasta. I had the typical vegetarian safe option of pasta and tomato sauce which was only 350CVE. We were looking out onto the beach from the restaurant and there was a group of drummers there with some girls dancing around them. From looking at them I’d guess they weren’t from Cape Verde but maybe from one of the countries where the immigrants there come from like Senegal:


Anyway, they seemed to be having a good time and they weren’t asking spectators for money or anything, so it seemed like they were just doing it for fun as opposed to putting on a show for tourists.

On our way home we purposefully went the back street route because I thought it would be more interesting. We came across a bar made out of a storage container. I thought it was so cool that we had to have a drink there. This is actually a photo from when we passed it another time in daylight:


We asked for an Estrela (local) beer and a grogue (local spirit a bit like white rum), and when we were drinking it at one of the tables, the man from behind the bar randomly brought us a bowl of popcorn. The grand total of this was 170CVE (so basically just over £1).

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