Airbnb in Barbados

When I was looking for accommodation for my two week trip to Barbados for the Crop Over celebrations (the Barbados carnival), my first thought was to use Airbnb because as we all know, Barbados is a usually a destination for families and couples wanting a luxury holiday. I certainly didn’t have a budget to be staying anywhere luxury, and it wouldn’t be adventurous enough anyway, so I was hoping Airbnb (a site where you rent out whole houses from people, or pay them to stay in a part of their house) would be the answer.

Looking on Airbnb now for Barbados, there are 100 places available at under £35/night, and 52 available at under £30/night, so there are definitely some affordable options.

I chose this place:

It was £23/night and I chose it because it’s attached onto the hosts’ house so I knew I’d be able to ask them for tips/advice, and it’s near the main road where buses can easily take you to Bridgetown, St Lawrence Gap and other places. It’s also walking (or short bus) distance from Oistins where you can get takeaways and go to the bank etc.

If you want to be on the South coast and you’re a solo traveller, couple or two close friends looking for a ‘real’ experience, I would definitely recommend this place. Here are a few pictures I took when we (my flatmate and I) first arrived:




As you can see, the studio has a double bed with a mosquito net, a fan, wifi, a kitchenette and a shower in the corner. For the bathroom you have to go through a door into the main house, and you can also just go there for a chat or to use their washing machine, amongst other things.

Even if you don’t think this property is right for you, I think you should definitely try and use Airbnb for your trip to Barbados. Having a local host is so helpful, and the properties are often located in local Bajan neighbourhoods so you’ll have a more authentic experience.

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