Double Veggie Burger!!

Surprise surprise this post is also about Munchies…

I forgot to mention this before so decided to give it its own post.

During the drunken night a few weeks ago that I mentioned in my last post, I went to Munchies (obviously), and told them it’s not fair that the menu includes a double cheeseburger but not a double veggie burger, and they should make me a double veggie. I was semi joking but they actually made me one for $6 (normal veggie is $3.50). It was absolutely enormous and no one believed I was going to eat it all:


I have been known to surprise people when it comes to food (for example going up for a 5th plate of food in a buffet etc), and this day was no different:


The whole double veggie was gone in only a few minutes and I didn’t even struggle! The next day I got it again when I was sober and it was a different story (I couldn’t walk for about half an hour after) but still, I’m proud to be the first ever person to eat a Munchies double veggie burger 😀 Much to the amusement of many of my friends, the above picture is now on the official Munchies Facebook page to advertise that you can now buy double veggie there. So, if you’re a hungry vegetarian in Bocas you know where to go and what to ask for!

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