Living “Student Life”

This is my 3rd year of uni (well this year isn’t really uni but yeah) and for the first 2 years (in London) I didn’t really understand what people loved so much about “student life” and I didn’t get involved in it very much. Most people from my uni were partying loads, getting drunk a lot, sharing houses with friends (other students) and having people of the opposite sex come round to cook for them, play drinking games and things like that. They were always putting crazy/silly pictures on Facebook of their escapades but I didn’t really feel like that kind of life was for me, and I didn’t find that many people at uni who I had a connection with so my lifestyle was a bit more chilled than that.

Now, in Bocas, I feel like I’m finally living that “student life” and, although I sometimes looked down on it in London (especially the dirty houses with thousands of dirty plates etc), it’s turning out to be quite fun, and I think everyone should live this kind of life for a while.

One of the main reasons I’m having so much fun is because I’m living in an apartment with my friend Hellen who I get on really well with, whereas in London I’d never lived with friends, just with other students who I didn’t know very well and didn’t really have anything in common with. Here are some things we’ve got up to…

1. Drunken nights out. (By the way I only drink about once every 2 weeks, I’m not that crazy):


(One of Hellen’s drinks is from the house… we have the paper cups and alcohol at home and bring the drinks to the bars, which would never be allowed in Europe! The other drink is one she managed to get for free from the bar somehow).


(The picture above was when we’d just gone back home to fill up our cups and then asked a boy to take a picture of us outside our house. When they suggested we moved somewhere else for the picture because of the rubbish in the background, our drunken logic decided that, no, we wanted the picture there so we could show everyone where we lived, and the rubbish was part of that.)


(The photo above is from the Barco Hundido bar, where at the back there’s actually a real non-working boat, which I decided to attempt to drive.)

2. Resort to “well let’s just get a takeaway” every time there’s no food in the fridge, even though we live above a supermarket. Often, as you can probably guess from my other posts, our chosen takeaway is Munchies:


(Martin, who works in Munchies, likes taking pictures of us for some reason. The one above is one of the nicer ones of us he has on his phone!)


When we were given his phone, we went round the back and took this delightful picture (above) for him to see when he next opened his picture folder.

3. Ask boys to teach us how to dance salsa at every opportunity:


(That’s me inside Munchies when there were no customers because of the rain, dancing salsa with Bernard who works there.)


(That’s Hellen dancing with Anthony, a friend who knows one of her friends from Germany, in our apartment at an “after-party” we had the other day, leading to point number 3…)

3. Invite almost everyone to our apartment for after-parties:

I don’t have any more pictures of this but we’ve suggested many times at Munchies when it’s about to close, that everyone comes to our flat, but the problem is normally that we don’t have any other female friends so the boys aren’t too keen. It finally happened the other day, just with 5 guys and us. It was quite a funny night.

4. Buy stupid things from the island’s only semi-normal shop:

This shop only opened a few months ago, and I don’t know what we would have done before its existence. It has a whole floor of clothes, a floor of household stuff and a general floor with party stuff, beauty stuff etc. When we don’t know what to do with ourselves we sometimes just go there. The first silly thing we did was decide to buy matching t-shirts and we both wear them some nights when we go out together.

The other day we were looking at the toys section because we wanted to buy something silly like a water pistol or something to take to the bars one night when we’re feeling drunk/crazy. Hellen tried on these glasses in the party section:


In the end we settled for silly string (I think that’s what it’s called in English? The aerosol can that sprays out brightly coloured stringy stuff that sticks to walls etc). Unfortunately the silly string never made it out to the bars because when we had the after-party it ended up all over the living room. We still haven’t figured out how to get it off the fan on the ceiling. Hopefully the landlord won’t notice!

5. Get boys to do household tasks for us while they’re topless:


(The guy above fixed the lock on the door and then, without us even asking, washed up all our dirty plates.)

We’ve also been cooked for a few times, and we never forget to remind the guys of our only house rule – “Guys may only enter when topless”.

6. Live in disgusting conditions, in typical student style:

I don’t think I should post a picture because it might put my mum off coming to visit me next month, but I can assure you that there are always dirty plates on the table and in the sink, empty water bottles all over the floor, and even though we bought a mop on our first day in the flat, we’ve never used and I now wear flip-flops around the house to avoid getting dirty feet!

Obviously there are more things we do, but that should give you some idea. Every morning (well afternoon, when we wake up), we laugh about the things that happened when we were out the evening/night before. Loads of people have asked us if we’re sisters because we “seem to have a really good connection” (or sometimes because we apparently look alike)!

We both keep saying how being this age without many responsibilities and being lucky enough to be in a fun place like Bocas etc is giving us so many experiences and funny stories that we’ll never forget, and we’re going to cry so much when we get on that plane back to Europe. I’m not saying I’d want to live like this for my whole life, and I do really miss London and in some ways I’m looking forward to going home, but I’m really happy to have met Hellen and to be living the fun “student life” while I still have the chance 🙂

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