More Fun With The Police

As you will know if you read my post about prison, me and Hellen have got to know some of the Bocas policemen by visiting the police station when we’re drunk in the night. This has become quite a regular thing now and it’s always pretty funny but last night was definitely the best policeman experience we’ve had so far.

We first went to the police station and made friends with some new policemen called Edgar and Efrian. After some silly conversation we headed to Barco Hundido, a bar just around the corner. There was no one there and the atmosphere was dead so we decided to cycle to Iguana bar (less than 5 minutes away on a bike) but our policemen were outside Barco in their car so of course we went over to say hi. Somehow this developed into us being handcuffed together in the back of their car:


After the picture was taken we tried to escape with the handcuffs to continue partying joined together but Edgar didn’t think it was such a good idea and quickly unlocked us to take back his handcuffs. Hellen then insisted that we took a picture with each policeman:


I don’t think Edgar’s such a fan of photos but Hellen’s persuasive skills obviously broke him:


I decided it was time to stop annoying them and we unlocked our bikes to cycle to Iguana but then (as a joke), me or Hellen (I can’t remember) asked the policemen if they could take us and our bikes to Iguana in the back of their car. Obviously we didn’t expect them to say yes because it’s probably against the rules etc, but it only took less than 5 minutes of “por favorrrrr” (pleeeeese) from us and Efrain had loaded our bikes into the back and we were sitting there while they drove us to Iguana:




It might not sound that funny but we just couldn’t stop laughing because of the situation. Policemen were actually giving us a free taxi ride for no reason. This would NEVER EVER EVER happen where I’m from.

It looks like we’re becoming famous with them because Hellen just went to the bank and she said there were 6 policemen outside on their quad bikes and they were like “hola Hellen!” even though she didn’t recognise them.

1 thought on “More Fun With The Police

  1. you have some crazy stories!

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