Cycling To Playa Bluff

Today I had nothing to do and I thought it was finally time to cycle to Playa Bluff, something almost everyone does in their first few weeks here but I had still never been. I was a bit hesitant before because I’d read on some other blogs that the cycle ride is “not for the faint-hearted” etc and I’m not particularly confident with cycling (and most physical activities really), but I read on Facebook this morning that there was a reggae DJ at the bar there today so I spontaneously decided to get on my bike and go by myself.

You have to cycle to the end of town which took me about 20 minutes, and there’s nothing hard about that because it’s just normal roads. I didn’t stop in this part to take any pictures but it was really pretty because for some of it you’re cycling by the sea with palm trees and giant waves.

At the end of town, suddenly the normal road just stops and sand is in its place. This is the start of the sand path:


I’d never cycled on sand before and if you don’t want a leg workout, I wouldn’t advise it. You have to put in like 5x more effort than in normal cycling. Also the fact that there were some rocks you had to dodge and puddles you had to go through (or try and go round) didn’t help. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot today but I was still dripping with sweat.

As well as the beach path there was a part that was more rocky/stony next to some fields of cows etc:


There were some hilly bits on this path so I had to get off and push the bike 2 or 3 times because I wasn’t strong enough to pedal up them.

Eventually after a total of 50 minutes’ cycling I got to The Beach Bar. I was hoping it would be kind of a local place but it was really touristy, with expensive drinks and nice vases of flowers on the tables etc. The DJ, who is also a bartender there, recognised me because we’d spoken a few times before so I got a free drink from him and went to sit with him by his DJing place to talk about reggae etc. Apparently I’m not a real fan because I don’t know the old stuff.

I read my book for a bit and just chilled but the whole time I was thinking “I really can’t do that bike ride again today, I hope there are taxis here” and luckily there was a taxi so I went back at about 7pm in that, which cost $7 (and I know he wasn’t ripping me off because a local guy was also in the taxi and paid $7) and took about 20 minutes.

If you come to Bocas you should definitely cycle to Playa Bluff, and although the ride is tiring, it’s not dangerous or anything. If I can do it then basically anyone can. Don’t go there if you’re only looking to swim because there are often really high waves and riptides so it’s not really a place for that, but the views are really pretty so if you just want to have a drink and read a book it’s a good place to go:


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