Christmas Parade

The park in Bocas Town has had its Christmas decorations up for about 2 weeks now (much more sensible than England, whose public places which are decorated from November). My camera hates the dark so this really doesn’t convey how pretty it actually looks, but will give you some idea:



The other day me and my flatmate Hellen decided to buy a beer (75c each from the supermarket) and chill in the park in the evening because recently we’d heard some music coming from there and more people seemed to be hanging out there so we thought it would be fun.

The park was way more full than usual and there were children running around everywhere in Santa hats or reindeer ears etc, and I thought it was really nice because everyone says Christmas is about family time and celebration, and this was an example of that. Sometimes in England it seems to be more about Christmas shopping!

A DJ (luckily for me, a reggae DJ) set up on the stage (there’s not normally a stage but it was put up at the same time as the decorations for Christmas) and loads of kids climbed up there to dance and talk to him. Slowly people started gathering in front of the stage, as the guy on the mic was doing silly dances and saying things to the crowd. Soon after, the MC said he needed kids for a dancing competition. First up was the girls, and as you probably know reggae/dancehall dancing is quite sexual, but (I’m not exaggerating) the youngest girl who went to the stage for this competition was 3 years old!!!!! (Her mum had to lift her onto the stage).

The winner was decided by who got the loudest shout from the crowd and the MC gave her $5. I couldn’t believe how sexually the girls were dancing, but I guess they learn about it from their older relatives and from music videos. I also found it funny how their parents were encouraging them, because my dad doesn’t even like the fact that I dance like that, and I’m 20 years old! Cultures are just different though.

When all this was over I suddenly heard a siren coming up the street and everyone went to have a look at what was going down (obviously I assumed it was a fire/crime). You don’t hear sirens much here. To my surprise it was a group of trucks (led by a fire engine) and big cars decorated with lights etc, carrying children dressed as Santas and throwing sweets at everyone who was on the street! I already said my camera doesn’t like the dark but here you go:Image


It was so cute! I don’t normally feel much “Christmas spirit” but I felt a little bit that evening.

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