Renting An Apartment

My friend Hellen who I met at the hostel decided she wants to stay in Bocas for 6 months, which basically coincides with the time I’ll be leaving Bocas as well, so we decided to look for an apartment to rent because it would be more fun and cheaper than staying in the hostel.

For uni I live in London where I pay (well my dad pays) £130/week for a tiny room with a shared bathroom and kitchen (that’s like $200). The apartment I now live in is on top of a supermarket on the Main Street (so the best location you can have really) and we pay in total $475/month. There are 2 bedrooms, each with en-suite and air conditioning, and a kitchen/living room with 2 armchairs, a TV, microwave etc. Check it out:




As you can see I have 2 beds. I sleep on the double one and the single one is like my (messy) wardrobe. I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom but the shower is HUGE, you could fit like 10 people in it (if you ever had a reason to do that…)

One summer in London I worked in my family’s estate agent for a bit so I know that to rent a house in England you need to do loads of forms and signatures and find a guarantor etc. It looks a bit stressful to me. Here, Hellen found the apartment (I trusted her to find one without me), said she wanted it, paid the deposit, was given a receipt with her name on but didn’t have to sign anything, and was told to call the guy the next day when we wanted to move our stuff in. We literally have absolutely no paperwork except this one little receipt and we still don’t know how/when the monthly rent and electricity/water bills will be paid!

Neither of us are tidy people and we’re both a bit lazy so I’m not sure how it’s going to look in a few weeks, but we will definitely have fun.

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