Munchies Beach Day

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Munchies before in my posts, but if not it’s a little takeaway mainly catering to drunk people, open from 6pm to 4am every day except Tuesday. I eat a veggie burger there almost every night and my guy friends hang out there most nights after they’re done partying because they’re friends with the staff so they plug their music into the speakers and mess around. I’ve kind of been accepted into this Munchies family now.

Because Tuesday is their day off, some of the staff decided to have a beach day and they invited me, which I thought was really nice and I was surprised they thought of me to be honest. We went to the “playita” (little beach) on Isla Carenero, which I’d been to once before with one other white friend and that time we payed $3 each person each way for the boat. This time, with local people, I paid $1.50 each way. How ridiculous is that? The local people don’t like when tourists take advantage of them (buying up all the land because they can offer the government such high prices etc) so they shouldn’t take advantage of the tourists! Anyway I’m not even a tourist, I live here! At least I know now not to pay more than $1.50 to go there.

I don’t really have much else to say because I’ve already written a post about the beach but I enjoyed hanging out with them and this is us, minus Robert and his naughty dog that he adopted from the street:


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