Little Chefs

Today at the school I volunteer at, the kids were transformed into chefs with the help of the paper costumes made by their teacher. We’d all brought in something different to make a fruit salad because this week they’ve been learning about the food pyramid. In England children are told to say “cheese” for pictures but I found out today their version here is “whisky”. I think this picture was taken a little bit early/late because their expressions are a bit funny (or maybe “whisky” just doesn’t really work). Next to me is the class teacher:


They added condensed milk to the chopped up fruit, which is apparently normal here.

This is Yazira, one of my favourite students (even though I’m not supposed to have favourites). She has really cute dimples when she smiles!


Most of the children didn’t finish their cups of fruit salad because they didn’t like it. I don’t think they knew what half of it was because they’re just used to eating mangoes and pineapples. The half-empty cups went back onto the tray and the teacher then went to the next-door classroom to ask the kids there if they wanted it. They all ran towards the tray so it was clear that they did. This would NEVER happen in England because of germs etc (they used the same forks/cups etc as my class). They all liked it but one of them (and he was not joking) asked if the orange thing was carrot (it was papaya), and another one asked if the orange was a lemon!

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