Playa De Las Estrellas (Again)

I took the bus to Boca Del Drago / Playa De Las Estrellas again yesterday because I had nothing to do and wanted to escape from the hostel and read my book. This time I spent most of the time in a hammock belonging to one of the beach restaurants. You don’t have to pay to use them but you have to buy some food/drink from the restaurant. I bought patacones (pronounced like pat-ah-con-ays), which I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog yet but they’re basically Panama’s version of french fries (aka chips if you’re from England like me). To make them, they chop up plantains, fry them, take them out of the fryer, squash/flatten them and fry them again (at least that was the method I witnessed once).

You can buy a bag for like $1 or if you order chicken or something it will normally with them. Normally they’re like the width of a lime but the ones they gave me on Playa De Las Estrellas were absolutely HUGE. Each one was the width of my hand with my fingers stretched out! I didn’t eat any dinner when I got back because I was still full from them.

The restaurant man seemed to be building something out of logs so I asked him what it was, and he said it was another bar and he took out some keys and showed me into a hut thing he’d built which tourists can rent. It was really cute with an upstairs and downstairs part and a little TV, about 10 metres from the sea. He told me he has some kind of deal meaning he basically owns that section of the beach for 20 years and can do what he wants with it.

When I was on the hammock I heard the familiar sound of a coconut thumping to the ground so as usual I got up to look for it. This was the first time I’d been in luck because half the time I can’t find the fallen coconut, and the other half of the time it’s an old/bad one that’s no good for eating/drinking. This one looked nice and green so I asked the restaurant man if he could open it for me, and he got his friend to do it with a giant machete and gave me a straw. I was very happy because I’d been waiting to drink a just-fallen coconut since I arrived in Panama!


When I was waiting for the bus back, which is supposed to go at 6.30 but went closer to 7, the sun was setting with some pretty cool colours:


Watching the sun set was nice but this is also the time when there are the most insects (and it’s way worse when you’re at the beach), so this morning I noticed that the top half of my back and the top half of my arms are completely covered in little bites. Hopefully I’ll discover the secret to preventing the bites or stopping them itching soon.

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