Isla Carenero

This morning Aude (a friend from the hostel) and I decided to go to the beach on a nearby island, Isla Carenero, because it’s one of the closest beaches to where we live. The water-taxi takes less than 5 minutes and it costs $1 or $2 depending on if you let the guy hustle you or not. Everyone wanted to hustle us on the way there (one disadvantage of being white) so we paid $2, but when we wanted to come back, a driver I’d met before was there so we went back with him for $1. You can take the boat from any of the docks along main street, just ask for “Isla Carenero” and specifically “la playita” (which means the little beach).

Carenero has no road or anything and there’s loads of jungle there. We could see that the beach stretched out for a long way so we walked along as far as we could. We came across some interesting trees with crazy roots that look like they’ve had bits carved out of them:


We also spotted a tree that had little trees growing from it:


We both commented on how we don’t normally care about trees but had to admit that the ones on Carenero were kind of interesting.

Where the boat dropped us off, there were some local people drinking/swimming/talking/laughing but once we started walking we were completely alone:



The water isn’t very clear and in some parts the sand is a bit sharp so this probably isn’t the best beach to go to if you care about dirty water or if you want to bury yourself in the sand etc. Also there are no restaurants or bars on this beach so if you go you should bring your own food/drinks (and don’t throw the rubbish on the ground, like too many people have evidently done!)

If you like nature and just want somewhere quiet to walk/chill/read then this is a good beach for you.

There were more insects here than in Bocas Town so bring your insect repellent.

Also, as always, when the boat guy drops you off, ask them if it’s easy to find a return boat and if they say no, ask them for their number or tell them a time you’d like them to come back to pick you up.

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