More Photography By a 4 Year Old

Yesterday only 5 people came to school in my class so we finished at 11 rather than 12 because there wasn’t really much point doing proper stuff. My boat guy doesn’t come til 12 so I hung out with the 2 smallest girls, Rachel and Yosenid. I could have called him to ask him to come earlier but I figured it would be fun to play with them for an hour.

Rachel went home quite soon after so Yosenid had my camera for about half an hour. I’ve just spent a long time deleting pictures she took with her fingers over the lense and pictures of the grass etc, but here are some of the more interesting ones…

Rachel (even though you’ve already seen how cute she is in the other post you can see her again now!):


This is Yosenid’s brother in her house (I think):


This building is just behind the school and it’s where the teachers live (I found this out yesterday):


There are tanks like the blue one in various places on the island so when it rains they get filled up. The students drink from them throughout the day:


This is Yosenid. I think she was a bit annoyed that someone took the camera from her:


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