I Brought My Camera To School…

I want to take a photo of me with the whole class so I brought my camera to the school today, but one of my favourite girls, Yosenid, wasn’t there so I decided to keep quiet and bring it tomorrow because I want her to be in the picture.

It was raining when school ended (at midday) which meant I couldn’t take a water-taxi back to Isla Colon because when it rains the waves are too big for the little boats, so all you can do in that situation is wait for the rain to stop.

One of the smallest girls, Rachel (pronounced like Rah-CHELL rather than the English way) was also waiting (I’m not sure why… maybe for a sibling in a different class that hadn’t finished yet), so I was chilling with her. We ran out of things to do so I showed her my camera, which I was pretty sure would fascinate her. I was right…

For ages she was entertained just looking at the screen showing the palm trees etc without actually taking any pictures. She was just walking round pointing it at different things. I showed her how to take a picture by taking one of her:


Her and Yosenid are definitely the cutest ones in the class!

This was her attempt at a selfie:


This is a picture she took which shows the barn thing that they have their outdoor playtime in:


…and this is the school from the front. You can see it’s made up of 3 classrooms and then a recently built room (left hand side) which isn’t being used yet:


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