Dogs In Classrooms

I find this hilarious but obviously can’t laugh while it’s going on. One of the main reasons why people get told off by the principal is for having their dog in the classroom! None of the students do it on purpose, but because the school isn’t separated from the rest of the community, and there are dogs and chickens wandering round all day, some dogs from the students’ families will ultimately end up taking a stroll into a classroom if the door is left open.

When the principal spots a dog lying under a table, she shouts really loudly “WHO’S DOG IS THAT?” (in Spanish) and eventually someone puts their hand up (or if not she goes next door to another classroom because it might be one of theirs) and she tells the culprit to make it leave immediately.

Sometimes the dog leaves straight away but sometimes the little kid has trouble making it obey their orders and the whole class stares at them while they try and make it get out. Once the dog has left, the principal tells the child “SHUT THE DOG IN YOUR HOUSE TOMORROW!”

I think we can safely say this would never happen in England, and although I was expecting cultural differences I never imagined this would be one of them!

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