Bocas Bambu (restaurant)

Last night some girls from the hostel were going for dinner so I said I’d join them because I couldn’t be bothered to cook. We were going to go to Tropical Birds which apparently has cheap, local kind of food, but when we got there it was closed and the sign said it would re-open next Tuesday.

Instead we went to Bocas Bambu on Main Street, just because it had a sign listing some special offers outside and it was playing good music. It’s really big and all outside with marquee kind of things over some of the tables. I don’t think there are many vegetarians in Bocas because the restaurants (not that I’ve been to many, but from what I’ve heard etc) don’t have much vegetarian food, so the only things I could have eaten were spinach and ricotta pasta or a pizza so I ordered pizza ($7).

It was a lot more formal than most of the restaurants I’ve walked past, for example our waiter had a top with the logo of the restaurant on and he was wearing polished black shoes, whereas in most of the other places they just wear denim shorts or whatever. Everything on the menu was less than $10 and it had things like chilli con carne, Caribbean curry and some pasta dishes. They had cocktails as well for only about $4 or $5.

After our food had come, some topless guys appeared on a circular kind of stage thing (not actually raised off the ground but just a circle in the middle with no tables) and the music became all dramatic, and they started doing fire-dancing and juggling with fire etc. They were quite impressive and after about 20 minutes they came round the tables to get tips. I didn’t give them anything because I only had a $20 note but some other people from my table did so it was ok.

I quickly decided our waiter was quite attractive so I asked him if there was a party on at the restaurant later (because it looked like a bar as well) in the hope that it would make conversation but he just said “no, only the fire show”. When he came to bring the bill etc he was at the other end of the table so I didn’t really get another chance.

He brought all our bills on separate pieces of paper, which is something they REALLY need to adopt in England because after someone’s birthday meal or something it’s always a nightmare trying to remember who had however many drinks etc and once we’ve put our money in it’s always missing some and no one wants to take the blame etc.

The pizza was really nice with really soft dough and the others said their food was good, and the portions were decent, so I would definitely recommend that you eat there if you’re in Bocas (but don’t try and make conversation with the tall black waiter… leave that to me!!!)

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