Playa De Las Estrellas (Starfish Beach)

Yesterday I went with 2 girls from the hostel to Playa De Las Estrellas, the other end of Isla Colon. To get there you take a bus to Bocas Del Drago from the park in the centre of Bocas which goes every 2 hours and is $5 return. It left on time, which I was surprised about, and it was carrying a mixture of locals and tourists. We stopped for petrol on the way at the island’s only petrol station:


He didn’t directly fill up the minibus, he just filled up a container and put that on the bus. He must have not put the lid on properly or something because when we were in the middle of nowhere going up a hilly winding road, someone told him to stop because there was petrol on the floor. We stopped on the road and all got out so he could try and clean it out by pouring water all over the floor. There was still liquid on the floor when we started up again, so the driver’s friend stood in the doorway and kept the door open so the water could flow out. I have no idea how he didn’t fall out. 

We passed mostly just fields, some with horses in, but also a community with a tiny hut/shop thing, a little church and about 20 houses. We went past the Bocas Research Station as well, which does biological research to do with the sea etc (I don’t really know to be honest). When we arrived we literally drove along the beach less than a metre from the sea! The journey took about 20 minutes (not including the petrol stop). 

From Bocas Del Drago (where there is sea and a tiny bit of sand but it’s not really a beach), you can either take a water-taxi for like $1 or walk to Playa De Las Estrellas. We decided to walk, and there was an obvious path so it was fine. This little bridge was part of the route we took:


The walk took about 20 minutes and we decided there were actually nicer places along the walk than at Playa De Las Estrellas because at the Playa there are restaurants etc rather than just palm trees and sand. There was hardly anyone there but I think it’s low tourist season right now. This is us at Playa De Las Estrellas:


This beach and Istmito Beach that I wrote about a few days are the only beaches on Isla Colon I think. There were LOADS of starfish in the water so I understand why it’s called Playa De Las Estrellas!

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