Water Supply In Bocas Del Toro

Showering in Bocas is very different from showering in England. This is not only because there’s no hot water in my shower here, but also because it randomly stops producing water about 5 minutes into the shower, then starts again about 30 seconds later. I was quite worried when this first happened cos I thought it wouldn’t stop and I’d be stuck with shampoo in my hair for the rest of the day.

I found out today that the water in Bocas Del Toro comes from a reservoir or whatever it’s called, which currently looks like this (I didn’t take this picture):


As you can see there’s not much water in there, and that’s supposed to supply the whole town. It looks like we’ll all be washing ourselves in the sea if it doesn’t fill up soon. Apparently everyone’s praying for more rain cos that’s the only way it’ll get more full.

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