First Few Hours In Bocas Del Toro

When I arrived at the hostel (Spanish-By-The-Sea) it was about 5.30pm. It was so weird seeing it in real life after looking at so many photos online and reading about a million blogs.

Because I’m staying for so long, I decided to pick the only private en-suite room, but I wasn’t expecting anything fancy, probably something similar to my uni halls (tiny). After “check-in” (writing my name, email, nationality and passport number in a notebook), I was shown to my room, and to my surprise it had 4 BEDS!!!! (You can only really see 2 in this picture but there’s the bunk-bed as well that you can see in the corner):


My bathroom is decent as well. The shower could fit like 4 people in it:


I don’t think I’ve even walked round the whole hostel yet but this is just outside my room (on the 1st floor). The tables and chairs are for the Spanish lessons that you can take when you stay here if you want to:


After I arrived, obviously I wanted to go on my laptop to Skype etc, so before I knew it, it had got dark (at like 6.30pm) and I didn’t want to venture outside, but I had no water (you can’t drink the tap water) or food so I didn’t really know what to do, so I decided to just keep writing blog posts in the hope that the problem would magically solve itself.

When it got to about 8 I realised that although I could (just about) survive without food til the morning, there’s no way I could sleep in a hot room etc with no water, so I went downstairs and a girl said she’d come with me to the shop.

Surprise surprise it was run by a chino (see my last post). Everything was quite expensive there (which sucks seeing as I’m here for 8 months), I guess because it’s imported so there are shipping costs etc. A small block of cheddar was $5.50!!! I love cheese! I don’t know what I’m gonna do! Anyway I just got some water and bread and butter so I can have toast. It came to about $6.

We bumped into a guy from the hostel there who the girl already knew and he asked her if she’s coming to Ladies Night (something that happens every Friday at Iguana Bar apparently, where girls get free drinks for an hour or something). She said yes and asked me if I wanna come, so I said I will and she’s coming to knock on my door when they’re going to leave.

I have no idea what people wear to go out here, how much drinks are or anything, but I can’t really be bothered to get changed so will probably just go in what I’m wearing now. The cash machine in the town is out of service til Tuesday so my cash has to last me til then so I’m not gonna bring much out with me tonight.

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