What I’ll Miss About England

From next week I’ll be living in Panama for 8 months. A lot of people have asked if I’m going to miss being in England but I normally just shrug my shoulders and say “not really”. I honestly can’t think of that many things I’m going to miss, but I thought I’d write this list now and then once I’ve been there for a while I’ll write one of what I actually do miss, and then I can see how right/wrong I was with my predictions.

So this is what I think I’ll miss:

1. HOT WUK WEDNESDAYS. This is basically the only place I go out in the night. It’s a weekly dancehall night near Oxford Circus in London in a small venue called The Social. I love it because there isn’t a dress code so I can just wear trainers and leggings/shorts and a vest top or something, whereas other clubs want you to wear heels etc. It’s also the only place I’ve found that plays dancehall music all night. There’s always a great atmosphere and everyone’s really energetic. Nowhere else in London can even compare to it! This is me and my friend at Hot Wuk the week of Jamaican Independence:


2. NANDO’S. You might be surprised about this because I’m vegetarian, but I’m addicted to Nando’s. They have better veggie burgers (well beanie burgers) than anywhere else I know, and their sides (especially the mash) are really nice too. I’m going for my last one on Wednesday!

3. BEING ABLE TO TWEET ALL THE TIME. In England I always have internet on my phone and I tweet quite a lot. I’ve bought a “rubbish phone” (a cheap one that’s just for texting and calling) for Panama because it’ll be too expensive to have internet on my phone there. There’s internet in the hostel so of course I can use it when I’m there, but it will be weird not being able to tweet as soon as something happens. One of my first reactions if something funny happens when I’m out is to tweet about it!

4. BEING ABLE TO GO OUT WITHOUT PUTTING ON SUNCREAM OR INSECT REPELLENT. Insects seem to love biting me, and obviously I’ll have to wear suncream every day in Panama. This is really annoying because it generally only takes me like 10 minutes to get ready but suncream and insect repellent will add another 5 minutes.

5. BEING ABLE TO DRINK TAP WATER. I love water and I hardly drink anything else. In restaurants I never have to pay for my drink because it’s always tap water which is free, so it will be weird and annoying to have to buy bottled water in Panama.

This probably sounds bad but I honestly can’t think of anything else to put on this list. Obviously I like my friends and family, but I can still talk to them on Skype etc so I’m not particularly upset about the prospect of not seeing them for 8 months, and I’ll (hopefully) makes new ones out there. If I had a boyfriend I know I’d be really upset, so thank God I don’t have one right now.

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