Male Attention in Jamaica

Jamaican guys are a whole new breed of male. I kind of knew this already because they’re quite forward (to say the least) in London, but it’s on a different level in Jamaica.

When I was walking around Ochi (or any town), Jamaican guys appeared left right and centre to talk to me. There’s a noise that they all make when they want your attention, a bit like the Jamaican version of the wolf-whistle. I can’t take it seriously because it sounds like they’re doing a snake impression. You’ll just be walking along and hear a “ssssssss” from around the corner! If you look round then they start talking to you.

They don’t seem to understand the process of getting to know someone before becoming their boyfriend! They literally ask you “yuh nuh waan a Jamaican boyfrien’?” or something similar after having known you for about 2 minutes. When I dispute this by saying you should probably know someone first, they say it’s fine because you can get to know them after you become their boyfriend.

The most common compliment towards the opposite sex is “I like your style”, which I found quite funny because in my culture you’d be more likely to compliment someone’s looks (their smile or something), or just say they seem like a nice person. With this comes the insult “yuh nuh ‘ave nuh style”. Another way of them saying they like you when you walk past is by addressing you as “ah yah suh nice”, which basically means you’re hot.

As well as boyfriend proposals, I received marriage proposals. One guy at a party, after I’d whined on him for about 2 minutes, asked me how I know that he’s not the one to put a ring on my finger!


1 thought on “Male Attention in Jamaica

  1. lol…..funny experience……i love jamaicans for their straight to the point approach…lol

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