Beaches in Jamaica

We went to a couple of different beaches but our favourite was a beach that had a river as well as the sea. I’m going to write about the river (White River) in a different post but I think the beach was called White River Reggae Beach but I might be wrong. There was definitely something about Reggae in its name.

The beach in Jamaica (in my opinion) is so much more fun than the beach in England. The sea is warm (obviously) and people party all day and night on the sand. This is me in the sea at that beach (with my arms out) with Patricia:


When I was there (in July), apparently it wasn’t the peak tourist season, which I guess explains why there were only 1 or 2 tourists there each time.

There’s a little stand selling drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and playing music, so there’s always a good atmosphere. You can see the stand in this picture, and the water on the left is the river:


When we first went there and sat down on the sand, two guys from the other side of the river came over and asked us our names, how long we’re here for and stuff like that. They explained that they basically live on the little island/bank the other side of the river. They have a bbq/grill there, and speakers and chairs etc. One of the men, David, said he goes out and catches lobster and cooks it over on the bank and said we should just let him know if we want to go over there for a picnic with lobster, some drinks and music (obviously we’d have to pay for the lobster) but we weren’t hungry at the time.

I’m not really big on swimming in the sea and I saw that David was on a swing attached to a tree the other side of the river which looked fun, so I swam over and asked if I could go on it. You can’t see it in this picture but this is where it was:


There were lots of families at the beach and the kids love the sea. All they need is a plastic bottle or something to put sand into and pour it back out etc, or some of them sit just in the water waiting for the waves to hit them. It was really nice to see that they didn’t need Ipads or whatever to be amused for hours!

There were groups of teenagers as well, playing ball games in the sea or just chilling on the sand. If someone heard a song they liked they’d start dancing in the sea or wherever they are, so people were always having a good time.

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