Megan’s house

Megan lives in a gated community (although the guy who mans the gate is asleep half the time) up in the mountains 20 minutes’ drive from the town of Ocho Rios (“Ochi”). Because it’s up in the mountains, it doesn’t have running water so a water truck comes 3 times a week to fill up the tank. This meant that we had to be careful not to waste water ‘cos if we ran out it meant we couldn’t shower there or anything. Thankfully that didn’t happen many times.

Talking of showers, to have a hot shower you have to turn on the pump 20 minutes before, which no one bothered with ‘cos they didn’t mind cold showers. I figured I should do the same, but even by the end of the 3 weeks I struggled not to run away from the water in the first minute of my shower.

Apart from that, the house didn’t have any major differences from what I’ve seen before (except the grills outside the windows and the hammock by the front door).


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